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Are you or a loved one suffering from feelings of depression and anxiety? have you experienced the impact of a trauma? are you dealing with life transitions, work-related stress, parenting issues and/or relationship problems? are you grieving from a loss? do you suffer from low self esteem? what about ADHD or concentration/attention problems? 

I am a bilingual Licensed Psychotherapist (English/Spanish) with more than 20 years of experience who provides services to children, adolescents, and adults. 

My extensive training in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy comes from Argentina, Europe, and the US. I use a personalized treatment method and a variety of interventions adapted to a patient’s needs based on two fundamental principles: “the critical importance on the relationship between patient and therapist and the advocacy of that patient’s awareness and consequent enduring change.“

My cross-cultural experience as a therapist gives me a unique perspective and a good understanding of the challenges affecting immigrants. I provide professional support and guidance to my clients who are experiencing difficulties adjusting to their new environment.  My goal in the treatment is to alleviate crisis, facilitate well-being and growth, and enhance personal relationships. I look forward to working with you and helping you improve or resolve problems in the area that has brought you to seek help.  

My service is strictly confidential in adherence with state and federal laws, and professional ethics codes. 

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